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Welcome to Navi-Tech, Inc

Navi-Tech, Inc. was established March 1998 by Filipinos and European Management with extensive experience in the International Shipping Business. Our company provides Maritime Supplies that are competitive in the world market and Shipping Services with international quality standards.


  • To offer products that continuously meets the customer requirements.
  • To provide quality service to our clients at minimum cost and time.
  • To develop long-term relationship with our clients and suppliers with respect in each other needs.
  • To exercise integrity in our business transactions.
  • Perform services with consistent enthusiasm and care.
  • To welcome improvements or suggestions that would come our way.
  • Adopt a management style that will motivate the staff to their full potential and to foster teamwork.




To be the most trusted and professional company in the Philippines that could deliver customer requirements with utmost quality and integrity in all our business dealings.