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Sailing Directions

Often referred to as Pilots, Sailing Directions are designed for use by the merchant mariner on all classes of ocean-going vessels with essential information on all aspects of navigation. Sailing Directions are complementary to Admiralty Standard Nautical Charts and provide worldwide coverage in 74 volumes.

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Tidal Publications

  • Admiralty Tide Tables (NP 201-204)
  • Admiralty Tidal Stream Atlases
  • Admiralty Manual of Tides (NP120)
  • Admiralty Tidal Handbooks (NP122 1-3)
  • Admiralty List of Radio Signals
  • Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals
  • Admiralty Distance Tables (NP350 1-3)
  • Catalogue of Admiralty Charts and Publications (NP131)
  • Paper Chart Maintenance Record (NP133A)
  • How to Keep Your Admiralty Charts Up-to-Date (NP294)
  • IALA Maritime Buoyage System (NP735)
  • Ocean Passages for the World (NP136)
  • Symbols and Abbreviations Used on Admiralty Charts, Chart 5011 (INT 1)
  • The Mariner's Handbook (NP100)
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